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sixpack medium                                           a Unicode font, for developers of globalised code

2011 Dec 17 sees the addition of polytonic Greek, filling a rather large gap in 20th and 21st century usage, some more symbols and some unfinished stuff on English Phonological Alphabets in the PUA. The last eighteen months have seen a rather remarkable succession of hardware and software failures, so it seemed prudent to make this unfinished work available while everything is in working order.

the new version (ver 1.005, 2010 May 07) incorporates a few more glyphs, plus SIL PUA 5.2 , which gives those of you working with minority languages a couple of dozen new characters, plus a host of duplicate codepoints which should not be used for new work

download sixpack_medium.ttf         (1,094 kB)            

download       (450 kB)

notes on sixpack_medium.ttf           May 2009  (unfinished)

shapes                                                          comments on Unicode Technical Report 25

Shapes I                                             Jan 2006

Shapes II                                            Feb 2008

slightly_small_(revised)                    Jan 2012

size_9_centered                              Jan 2012

N4115_an_alternative_encoding    Jan 2012

SImPL                                                           a TTF font, tailored for the display of APL code

download SImPL.ttf                          (471 kB)

download                        (198 kB)

APL fonts are different                     Jun 2010



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